Isn't it crazy

that while we're standing here looking out on this football field in the middle of Texas

we're living in the stories

that we're going to tell our friends and our family and our music students

for the rest of our lives

We're going to get home and talk about

the time we pushed through a rehearsal block or chased a fox/coyote off the field

and who knows

tomorrow we could do something that's even bigger

It's not even that these are the best days of our lives

but they're shaping us and they're happening

I think that's how I get through each day

Sometimes it's a little hard

but we're so lucky to be here

It's not just the

"you're going to miss this"


Every day that we're here

we're writing another little part in our personal history books

Maybe that's why I find it hard to complain about anything

This little world we're in right now

is pretty amazing


a conversation under the texas stars