DAY 8-18

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Okay. The title lied. I forgot about Day 8. I'm sure some crazy stuff happened but I have no concept of time currently and I couldn't even tell you what day Day 8 was.

Day 9:

Lots of little things. I made an urgent care run, picked up a student from the airport, did his paper work, and gave him the campus tour.

I started “The Great Key Project of 2018” which consisted of lots of keys, old locks, broken locks, new locks, lists of who gets what key and who has what old key and gosh dang I’m getting better at spreadsheets.

Speaking of spreadsheets, my other big project is currently organizing hundreds of raffle tickets and cross referencing/re-entering information for members who didn’t understand the instructions. I think I’ll become a better member of organizations now that I understand the amount of work that can pile up on someone else from one tiny mistake.

The days are starting to feel a little less monumental and more like normal life. They are still super long. At dinner, when someone mentioned what we’d had for lunch, I couldn’t believe that meal had only been 4 hours previous. Still, we seemed to go from day 6 to day 9 pretty quickly. It’s weird. Time is weird. In the words of my dear friend Stephanie Boyls, "Time exists." (The amount of hours we're spending in a concession stand, working on projects, surrounded by nacho machines is getting to our head.)

SNBJ: 19

Day 10:

Alarms. Lots of alarms. I set off 4 alarms in the span of 12 hours. I didn’t sleep much in the night and I woke up at 6:30 to unload the heaviest prop I’ve ever touched.

I spent the entire day after that at the Colorguard facility which was a cool change of scenery. I did paperwork and fundraising things while my media pal edited photos. We also ate an entire box of grapes. Whoops.

I did more of the ticket adventure. I’m really tired of raffle tickets but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I reallyyy miss being on the field. I’m so glad I’m a part of this experience and I’m having a ton of fun with my admin friends; this is definitely the kind of work I thrive doing...I just also miss drumming. 

Fun fact: tomorrow starts 10 day string of triple-digit temperature days. Yeehaw. 

SNBJ: 23

Day 11:

More excel entries. More scheduling.

I took a girl across town for a dental appointment of sorts. We walked in to the tiny lobby/waiting room and signed her in. The desk man said someone would be coming out shortly. Someone did...only, she didn’t ask our student to go in the back with her. She just put plastic on one of the waiting room chairs and began to do her appointment right there. I sat on one side of the front door and this student is getting her tooth appointment done on the other. We shared a glance of “what the heck is going on” and tried to hide our laughter. Honest to goodness, it was one of the weirdest situations I’ve ever been in. I tried to avoid looking that direction so she wouldn’t be uncomfy. As soon as we got back in the car, we broke into laughter. We agreed that we’d formed a new friendship through that ridiculous experience.

The other half of my day was more work on The Great Key Adventure. I made 275 key copies and assigned each lock a color. I bought 12 colors of nail polish and painted each type of key. The resulting colors strewn on the ground-protecting cardboard box made one of my finest art projects. 

National DCI twitter accounts are recognizing how hot our spring training is to other groups (not in Texas). In conclusion, it's hot.

SNBJ: 25

Day 12:

I did the Great Lock project which is almost identical to the key project. Woot. We put together the “small” props. I'm getting stronger. My losing track of time and accidentally working out multiple times per day is paying off. Woot woot. It turns out I’m good with power tools. Thanks 4 years of musical theatre. (Woot. Woot. Woot?) 

SBJ: 27

Day 13:

I worked on my blog a lot this morning. I also finished my first year with my One Second videos.

The admin team got to do our first laundry day. The laundromat was really cute and Dr. Phil is a ridiculous show now and it was wonderful. I’ve never appreciated an overly white, overly clean, overly not a football stadium building in my entire life. I know everyone will make fun of me, but this random laundromat in the middle of San Antonio TX is currently my happy place.

The full-time staff had a HR seminar today, giving the members a 2 hour lunch, and leaving me and the 2 other interns in charge. It was great. 30 minutes into lunch, the place was a ghost town and almost all of the members were hiding in the shade or in their beds asleep.

Team admin also did this fun(?) workout thing today where we did 20 squats every 30 minutes. It was kind of amusing by the end. Walking is hard now. 

I met a guy from Kansas who once stopped at a gas station in Kentucky and tried Ale8, so we looked up shipping Ale8 here and it’s 8.50 for a 12 pack, but $25 in shipping...hopefully someone in Ohio will bring us some when we get there in June.

I hope everyone in Kentucky survived the big storm. I’ve been getting lots of weather alerts from Morehead and EKU and Louisville and Madison County Schools. Meanwhile, it was 103 degrees and sunny here. It was emotionally weather confusing.

The night was gorgeous. Laying on the football field at midnight, the 84 degrees felt like 60. There was a breeze and a family of bats flying between the goal posts.

I really appreciate Texas at night. 

SBJ: 29

Day 14:

We did a big food truck unload. I honestly don’t understand how a 14 ft box trailer isn’t enough food for an entire summer, but we’ve done 3 food runs already.

To add to the Texas wildlife count, we found a dead o'possum today. Don’t worry, we used a shovel to move it to a better place.

Nothing else crazy interesting happened.

We’re out of sun nut butter...SBJ: Still 29

Day 15:

Free dayyyy.

We had morning block and lunch like normal, but after lunch, we bussed all of the members to laundromats, and staff went to the river walk (the members eventually got bussed down there too). I hung out with one of the volunteers going on tour with us. We were trying to find a spice and tea shop but we got kinda lost. We accidentally found a coffee shop. They poured cold brew coffee out of a draft and it was fantastic.

We wandered along the riverwalk for a while. It was really cute. There were little mariachi bands playing on the restaurant decks and ducks swimming in the river.

2 hours after we'd given up, my pal and I stumbled across the tea shop. We also realized that at this point, we’d walked 4 miles total. Jokingly, we agreed to do a 10k that day.

We met up with some other admin for dinner, took cute pictures, and decided to head back to the stadium.

When we got back, we realized we were a mile short of a 10k. So what did we do?

We went on to the track in the dark with our free day clothes and ran a mile in chacos and khakis and a dress. I can officially say I’ve ran/walked a 10k. It was worth the death my legs and lungs felt. 

SBJ count: we ate real food today woohoo.

Day 17:

ER, CVS, Post Office, Urgent Care, Shoe Inventory, More Keys, Tracking Down Kids, Thank You Signs for food donations, roaches making babies in the hallway, yoga with the members, vegan brownies, a midnight run to iHOP. Too tired to form sentences.

Still out of sun butter. Walmart run tomorrow.

Day 18:

I started working in the uniform room today. Whenever we go on tour, there’s 2 weeks where we won’t have any uniform volunteers so I’ll be in charge of all sewing things. Ironically, they'd assigned this job to me before they realized how many years of sewing experience I have.

We took on of the volunteers from Japan out to an authentic Ramen restaurant and a Japanese ice cream place. It was one of the more hipster experiences I’ve ever had.

When we got back to campus, Stephanie and I did a workout while listening to full music ensemble. I love music nights. This group is amazing.

Afterwards, we did evening stretch and yoga with the members.

The days are starting to blend together pretty badly. I’m excited to get on the road. 

I got my first sunburn today. I blame that mostly on the cymbal line, who found a secret hiding place for their subsectionals, and let me wander around campus looking for them for half of the midday block. Fun times. 

We got sun butter again. It's the little things that make my day now.

SBJ: 31 (yay)


I'm still incredibly overwhelmed with the experiences that I get to be a part of every day. This activity, this specific job, these people that I am surrounded with every day, are bringing out the best in me. Every day is focussed on improvement of the self and the whole, whether that relates to the musical production or eachother's human needs. This co-dependent environment is its own artificial bubble, and it has allowed me (and everyone involved in the daily operations, on the field or off) to be pushed to the limit in a safe space. 

More stories and deep thoughts to come.