DAY 37-46

Day 37: Centerville, Ohio

Stephanie had a day off. I'm going to be dramatic and edgy for the next sentence. It isn't until someone is gone that you feel the hole they've left in your heart. 

The mom of one of the snare players brought me dinner and old fashioned Coke. I also need to brag on this amazing woman that has been dropped into my life. Anytime she's been around the corps, she's come and found me to make sure I'm doing okay and always have food and coffee. I spend every day feeling like a professional mom. I'm not going to lie and say I don't love doing it, because I deeply care about every child and adult that I have the opportunity to take care of every day. Sometimes, though, it's really nice to have someone worry about you. I think that's why I love texting my parents every night. 

I watched full ensemble for the first time since Spring Training!


Day 38: Mason, Ohio

Today we woke up to another day in Ohio. I was freezing. It was great. 

Our sound/percussion guy Dan, another Kentucky dude, brought me Ale8 from the homeland. I've never appreciated someone's small act of kindness so much. We researched it's caffeine content and had a great conversation about the sugar problem in America...while I drank my Kentucky soda and ate a pepperoni sandwich...I am a shining star of health.

After lunch, we did some last minute prop and uniform fixes before heading to another show site.

Lots of friends from other groups were there, but the highlight of the night by far was getting to see my family for the first time in over a month!! Seeing them from a distance, I snuck up behind them and it was such a fun reunion. one of my friends from another group saw it and texted me that he was amazed that I "had a cute family that was somehow as wonderfully awkward as [I am]." The world was spinning and it took a long time to process family, Tate's Creek people, my U of L people, Morehead people, and this group of 200 Texas band kids that I've been living with for over a month. It was pretty surreal. Life is weird.

Having time to hug on and talk to my family gave me the emotional boost I needed to push through the next couple of weeks. I'm loving my time with Crossmen, but home sounds really nice too.


Day 39: Springboro, Ohio

Our last day in Ohio. It rained a lot--like gross thunderstorms a lot. I got tired and just sent this bullet point list to my parents. I think I'll just leave it in its natural form.

-This Guy's Coffee (Cute coffee shop. Good atmosphere. Decent cold brew.)

-FJM (Stephanie and I accidentally dressed like members...and then had to chaperone a member bus...and contracted as the Crossmen 2018 Cowbell Line for the morning) 

-Big Storm (big yike)

-Hundreds of copies of music

-Cymbal Line found a really secret place to practice, making passing out music a scavenger hunt.

-Back to This Guy's with perc staff


-Stayed at housing site while everyone else went to rehearsal site

-Reorganized my bag (shoutout to the fam for lots of Ale8 and socks and shampoo)

-Found piano. Sang. Yeet.

-Drum Drum Drum

-Mother/Daughter workout with Steph (Yep. We googled partner workouts and this one kicked our butts.)


-Left Ohio (sad face)

Day 40: Greenfield, Indiana

You know the intro to The Middle where it's just them driving through hours of corn? That's Indiana. That's where we were today and will be forever. There are literally corn fields surrounding every corner (ha) of this high school. We contemplated running into the fields and never coming back. Then we watched Children of the Corn. No more thoughts of that. 


Day 41: Greenfield, Indiana

Uh yeah. More corn and normal daily admin duties. We're sleeping in a room with a current total of 13 pieces of Phantom Regiment merchandise.

 I feel corn in my soul.


Day 42: Muncie, Indiana

Indiana was hot and humid and there was only one day in Texas where I sweat that much.

At the show, we experienced our first gate that was a haul away from our equipment trucks. I made 8 trips back and forth. I will have calves of steel before I leave this group.

I made friends with two trumpets from Colts Drum Corps who were hauling their props. It's so cool how quickly you can make new friends in this activity.

I got to be the water girl for our marching people at the show today and that made them smile a lot and I really truly love making people smile.

I got to see not one but TWO dogs today. Several of my Midwest bass friends were unexpectedly at the show today and I love the little marching community I get to be a part of.


Day 43: Chicago, Illinois

I woke up to a sign that said "be a man today" (because we're staying at an all-boys school). Also, as far as days go, today was a mess. Today rivals the day in Godley. (Update: as I'm editing this entry post-tour, I still can't figure out which of the two days was worse.)

We had 4 hours of floor time, but staff slept in a cafeteria with windows for walls so after the 6am blinding sunrise, there was no more sleep happening.

Our equipment truck broke down in Indiana (while we made it to Chicago) so the kids had to practice without instruments all morning.

The AC in the school stopped working right before was so stuffy everywhere. It kinda felt like one of those reality shows where the room just gets smaller and smaller and smaller except ours was suffocating us with the increasingly hot air.

Since we were staying in an all-boys school, the showers for girls were the coaches showers (yike), and even though it was the most highly-anticipated shower of the season so far (because of how sweaty we’d been when we went to bed the night before), I still felt like I needed a shower the second I stepped out of the bathroom.

I took a member to urgent care to get XRays. 15 minutes after we got dropped off, we found out that the machine was broken and it was still 2 hours until we were getting picked up. Luckily, there was a Fruteria across the street. I'd been to one in San Antonio and I’ve been working on my Spanish. It was really cool getting to talk to the women there. They spoke English too but we had some really interesting stories about their multi-cultural experiences. Music and food are honestly such awe-inspiring human experiences. Also we saw a table umbrella get blown out of its holder, over a car, and flat on another windshield.

Again I say, my life is a sitcom for another universe.

We eventually made it back to the corps, loaded up for the show, and the show went really well. It was a logistically crazy show-site but we handled it really well. As rough as my day had been in parts, I can’t help but be all smiles when I see the members in the lot or on the field. They’re doing amazing things and I’m so so so happy I get to help make that happen.


Day 44: Lacrosse, Wiconsin

Just a girl and member plumes blowing away and breaking. 

But also...

Wisconsin is BEAUTIFUL! Why hasn't anyone hyped this state? (Correction: Apparently Katie Martinez has...everyone else needs to get on the train)

The show tonight was by far the prettiest backdrop we've had yet. I wore a dress for the first time in a while and actually got pretty cold. It's weird that a few weeks ago we were almost in Mexico and now we're almost in Canada. It makes my brain hurt when I think about it to be completely honest. Trips that would normally happen spread out over years are happening in a matter of days. Drum corps is weird.


Day 45: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

That one coffee shop. Laundry block.

Today started in probably the best way ever. Like no joke I think 10 alarms went off at the exact same time and everyone on staff just woke up laughing. It was great. It was a gorgeous morning. I had coffee. 

Let me just take another second to brag on how beautiful Wisconsin is. Seriously, there are mountains and rivers and a Great Lake and cool air and gentle breezes and everything is SO GREEN.

Today wasn’t too bad for me. I did some paperwork and gave myself a nap on the warm pavement. 

After dinner, we had laundry block. I quite appreciate clean laundry. I’m even more excited to come home and have more than the same 8 pairs of clothes back. Wearing the same half a suitcase of clothes for two months is weird.


Day 46: Grafton, Wisconsin

Show day.

The last day in Wisconsin.

This morning was beautiful (again) so Stephanie and I went for a run. When we made it to downtown Grafton, we found this adorable coffee shop. Naturally, we took a break from running to get coffee.

Our show today was pretty chill. On the way to warm up lot, we found another coffee shop. The lady working there gave me a free sticker. Woo.

I figured out that Wisconsin just looks like story book summer america. Like forreal. These people were sitting in lawn chairs down by Main Street and they had these gorgeous homes and perfectly cut lawns and the trees were so cute.


I am traveling the country with wonderful humans and seeing beautiful places and my heart is overwhelmed.