Updated: Dec 19, 2018

My entire life, I've been intrigued by movies like "Back to the Future" or "The Butterfly Effect." There's this overarching anxiety that has become a social understood: if you travel back in time, you better not change anything or else everything changes. If someone opens the door at the wrong time, your mother never makes eye contact with your father and you cease to exist. If you knock over a drink and make the wrong person mad, through some ridiculous turn of events, an entire country catches fire. You know what I'm talking about.

Recently, I've had this fascination with the inverse theory. Why don't we put the same weight into our decisions in the present moment as we do those concepts of the past? The present is quickly turning into history. The decisions you are making in this very moment, even if only changed minutely, have an effect on every single second for the rest of forever. 

I tweeze out this concept with a grain of salt. I'm striving every day to learn how to worry less and be more free-spirited. However, I don't think this idea has to be worrisome. In fact, I'm energized by it. It all comes down to one of the biggest desires of humanity. It means:

Everything. You. Do. Matters.

You. Matter.

The frustrating and seemingly menial tasks of life have a purpose. The thirty seconds of coffee shop talk and small encounters in the grocery store have a purpose. The hard days where you collapse in bed, ready to close your eyes and just try again another day; those days have a purpose too. 

You made an impact in the future timeline of everyone you encountered. The history of the world would be changed if you didn't wake up that day.

Live vibrantly. Live boldly. And above all, always, live a life of love.

You are writing the future.